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Discover what Health means to YOU

Health and wellness are trendy terms today and can mean so many different things for every individual. If you’re needing a little guidance on what areas of health and wellness you’d like to focus on, take the free quiz below!


Health Coaching

Let me start by saying, you are an incredible being who is worthy of love, just as you are. Sometimes in our lives though, we feel a need for a positive change physically, mentally, nutritionally… and that’s ok! It’s actually a really awesome and cool thing. You are capable of so much, and sometimes we just need a little guidance and encouragement along the way.


Love YOUR birth

Imagine a world where you knew that nothing could possibly go wrong. In that world, where would your birth take place? Who would be present? What would your ideal experience look like? Now, of course we don’t actually live in that world and we do need to plan for reality. Use the fun quiz below to get a glimpse into what your personality could mean for your birth and how a doula could help support you!


Birth Doula

Is there anything more incredible than the fact that as women, we can grow new humans?! It’s also true that birth is a beautiful, challenging, and empowering experience. But in order to experience that, it will take work and support. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, right? Why treat your birth any other way? A doula can help you achieve your ideal birth!

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Take Your Next Best Step

Whether its health coaching or birth doula services, love, is what drives the mission of Simply Restored. Free consultations are available for either service to determine what the next best step is for you. I can’t wait to meet you!

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